Thursday, November 18, 2010

our journey in Asia

Hello everyone, we arrived in Bangkok on tuesday, November 16th at midnight.  The team is doing really well.  There is a beautiful unity and oneness among us.  Thank you for your prayers.  Yesterday we went to visit Rahab Ministries and were thoroughly blessed by what the Lord is doing through them and they are making a difference in the lives of these young women that are caught in prostitution.  We were blessed to participate and be part of their prayer gathering and then took the nine women on the team in the night club/bar to minister to them.  They were very receptive to the love of God and the Gospel.  The men prayed for us while we were ministering.  We also prayed for the ministry team (Sarah and Praie and two other young women ) they are very dedicated and committed to see these young girls come out of these desperate conditions and give of themselves selflessly as they are working in this very difficult and dark area of Bangkok . They were very encouraged.  As we walked through the city, we saw how great the need was for prayer to be raised up on behalf of this nation and the need for more laborers for this harvest field.  This morning we had a wonderful prayer/sharing time, and again we wept at the spiritual condition of these precious people.  We were taken to the airport for our flight to Phnom Phen, Cambodia.  Again, travelling through the city at rush hour, it was incredible, hundreds of motorbikes going in all direction and yet not one accident..... amazing....arrived at our hotel safely, quickly refreshed and then met with Pat Frost of Destiny Rescue over dinner and got to hear the Heart of the Father for these precious people of Cambodia.  We prayed for Pat and also for Destiny Rescue Ministry.  As we walked back to our hotel we encountered young girls on the street trying to sell us little bracelets, etc... they too are in desperate conditions and in need of real love.  Tomorrow we are going to the Killing Fields and a School/Jail to pray. Thank you for continuing to pray for our team.  God is so good and we feel very privileged to be partner with you in this  work of the |Lord.  Will keep you posted in the next few days.

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